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  • Made in Japan from fabric weaving to assembly by skilled artisans
  • Chainstitch hem finished by hand using original Union Special 43200G machines

  • Early ’50s 501 XX type
  • Large offset back pockets
  • Selvedge pocket lining
  • Original fit
  • High waist
  • Straight leg
  • Rounded roomy at hip
  • Copper and rivets and burrs
  • XX type steel electroplated buttons
  • Button fly
  • Leather patch
  • Large gauge belt loops

  • 13.7 oz unsanforized long fibre Zimbabwe cotton selvedge denim
  • Woven by old electric shuttle loom

  • Dark indigo dyed


The development of the LR02 jean began one year after the launch of our brand’s inaugural jean, the LR01 and represented one of Superstitch’s most ambitious undertakings to date. The early ’50s XX type jean is one of the most difficult jean constructions to reproduce, due to a high number of manual operations, highly specific variety and colours of threads, and trims true to the period that are increasingly difficult to source.

With our mission to remain uncompromisingly faithful to the XX type in its original form, the production process was met with countless challenges. Where manufacturing processes and construction components were not able to be sourced from those existing in the market, we developed these especially for us, working closely with our partners in Japan, resulting in an extended development period of 2 years from initial inception to delivery.

  • Made in Japan from fabric weaving to assembly by skilled artisans
  • Chainstitch hem finished by hand at 13, rue Racine, 75006 Paris using original Union Special 43200G machines


The LR02 is inspired by the 1950s XX type construction. It is an original fit with high waist and straight leg, and a characteristic rounded form at the hip that gives the LR02 an unstructured and effortless personality. Only 100% cotton thread is used to assemble these jeans, staying true to the original XX type. Due to being more fragile than polyester thread, the thickness of the threads had to be considered carefully for different areas of the jeans, addressing the varying amount of expected wear and tear. Also as a result of the varying thickness of the thread, the forces that these exert on the different parts of the jean during wear and wash ultimately produce the ageing and defects, and the true characteristics of the original XX type. In order to work with 100% cotton thread, the challenge in manufacturing required both special machines that would not break the thread during sewing, and skilled hands capable of calibrating each respective special operation.

Many of the meticulously observed details are subtle and even hidden, but will be instinctually felt and discovered by wearing, like the hidden rivets in the back pockets, the thickness of the bottom chain stitch on the waistband, along with the extra large belt loops, and the leather patch which, wash after wash ages to be deeper in colour and transforms in texture. The final subtle detail is our specially developed steel rivets and buttons, rough and irregular in their surface texture and lettering design, keeping faithful to the original XX. Copper electroplating is the only modern compromise, in order to guard the hardware from oxidation.


Everything chosen in the development of the special LR02 fabric was to achieve a sense of organic irregularity. We chose Zimbabwe cotton for its long fibres, which hold more readily the indigo dye, and as the jeans go through washing, it will progress through varying shades of blue, particularly the deeper green-blue characteristics of the early ’50s. The threads are subtly slubby, woven on old electric shuttle looms at certain varying tension on the warp and weft, resulting in a granular texture on both the interior and exterior facets of the denim. Wash after wash, the jeans fade in an uneven and irregular way, each developing exceptionally distinct personalities with the wearer and their lifestyle.


Waist Size (w)

28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36

Inseam length (cm)

60 cm, 61 cm, 62 cm, 63 cm, 64 cm, 65 cm, 66 cm, 67 cm, 68 cm, 69 cm, 70 cm, 71 cm, 72 cm, 73 cm, 74 cm, 75 cm, 76 cm, 77 cm, 78 cm, 79 cm, 80 cm, 81 cm, 82 cm, 83 cm, 84 cm, 85 cm, 86 cm, 87 cm, 88 cm, 89 cm, 90 cm, 91 cm, 92 cm, 93 cm, 94 cm, 95 cm, 96 cm, 97 cm, 98 cm, 99 cm