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  • Made in Japan from fabric weaving to assembly by skilled artisans
  • Chainstitch hem finished by hand using original Union Special 43200G machines

  • ’60s Bedford five pocket pant
  • Lean leg
  • Hip hugging waist
  • Double stitched with the finest core thread
  • Talon 42 zipper fly specially made for Superstitch
  • Copper electroplated steel buttons, raw embossed
  • Bartack reinforced in all high tension areas

  • 100% cotton large cord bedford

  • Black


One of the most iconic pants of denim clothing history was not made of denim at all. In the 1960s, denim clothing was making a transition from being viewed as pure workwear to a fashionable item for everyday, and out of a desire to create a pant category with the feel and attributes of a jean, but that could be proposed for more formal contexts, the Bedford five pocket pant was conceived.

The idea of creating a cotton cord pant with the same construction of a jean was a point of fascination for us, leading is to one year of research and development in search of the ideal bedford fabric from Japan and the factory partner that was capable of the special assembly.

  • Made in Japan from fabric weaving to assembly by skilled artisans
  • Chainstitch hem finished by hand at 13, rue Racine, 75006 Paris using original Union Special 43200G machines


The LR03 follows the slim tapered leg characteristic of the ’60s Bedford pant, giving a more refined and elegant silhouette. As per the original, the inseam and outseam are finished by a double needle feed off the arm chain stitch machine. This choice of construction required a specialised factory, with both the correct machines and operators specially trained in how the fabric must be fed through a folder to achieve a clean finish.

Because the original was constructed with a zip closure, we wanted to the same, and to the same quality. None other than Talon 42 would do, and the zippers for LR03 were developed especially for this production. In addition to observing the details of matching the tape to the colour of the pant and making the teeth and slider in gold, the length of the zips were tailored for each size, rather than approximating for near sizes. This was important for us so that the specific cut and fall of the fabric was translated congruously for each size, as well as the ease and feel of opening.

The final subtle detail is our specially developed steel rivets and buttons, rough and irregular in their surface texture and lettering design, keeping faithful to the period. Copper electroplating is the only modern compromise, in order to guard the hardware from oxidation.


Our LR03 bedford is a fabric as flexible, forgiving and comfortable as denim, but nodding to the look of an elegant tailored pant. It also boasts the durability of denim, able to withstand working in the garage, for example, just as well as a smart social occasion. The subtle cord texture reflects the light beautifully, ever changing as the fabric moves with the body. Also like denim, that fabric ages well, fading subtly, and softening, becoming more comfortable with wash and wear.


Waist Size (w)

28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36

Inseam length (cm)

60 cm, 61 cm, 62 cm, 63 cm, 64 cm, 65 cm, 66 cm, 67 cm, 68 cm, 69 cm, 70 cm, 71 cm, 72 cm, 73 cm, 74 cm, 75 cm, 76 cm, 77 cm, 78 cm, 79 cm, 80 cm, 81 cm, 82 cm, 83 cm, 84 cm, 85 cm, 86 cm, 87 cm, 88 cm, 89 cm, 90 cm, 91 cm, 92 cm, 93 cm, 94 cm, 95 cm, 96 cm, 97 cm, 98 cm, 99 cm